Hustle 7: Speaker announcement

Speaker announcement: Rachel Hood, Zoo Digital

Rachel Hood is User Experience Designer at ZOO Digital. Rachel will be sharing her experiences helping organisations consider how important UX is and how it really can make a positive difference.

"UX is not a nice-to-have, it's a necessity" 

She will be giving us an insight into her design process working with KBC and collaborating with Fintech partners to make sure user experience is always at the forefront and how critical it is to product success.


Speaker announcement: Jamie Neely, Monotype.

We're excited to announce our first speaker for Hustle 7. Jamie Neely is Director of Product Design at Monotype. Jamie will be sharing his vast industry knowledge, giving us an insight into using type in our designs. Or, in his own words...

"Type can often make or break a brand, product or service. Join Jamie Neely to learn ways of spotting good type for many different situations. See examples of good type in the wild and learn more about how font discovery and licensing are shifting with the designer in mind."

Super excited to have Jamie join us at Hustle so make sure you secure your spot via our Meetup page.