Hustle 8: Challenge accepted.

To say it was wet outside on Friday 9th November in Belfast is probably an understatement. I’m pretty sure a fish hit me in the face at one point walking to what is becoming our new home in Ormeau baths. With a wee bit of fancy lighting we really got the place looking on point for our 8th outing of Hustle. And it was a stormer of a night.

Hustle 2.png

We were honoured to have two incredible speakers throw down two very different challenges.

Marie Lu Vinh, a designer at Idean in London gave us a thought provoking talk on 5 things designers could learn from developers’ ways of working. Should we be supporting our design files with Readme’s and working with Git repo’s to version manage our design files? The challenge was thrown down and many gladly accepted. Marie rightly made us realise that we as designers are lagging behind our developer colleagues in the rigor of our processes, but introduced us to some new tools to start playing catch up. It was a deeply insightful talk with a lot of takeaways.

Next came Hugo, a Brazilian designers currently working at Hubspot in Berlin. Hugo had just one question; Are you happy? Hugo wanted to know are you designing happiness into your work? Is it making you happy? Hugo walks us through some examples of organisations and apps that are delivering happiness, with a deep dive into the psychology of happiness. On a night like that, we all needed to feel the hope of happiness, and know it was within us all to make what we do a source of joy.

Thank you to all who joined us on the night, through the wind and rain (and flying fish). Be sure to shout out your experience and tag us on twitter @hustle_conf.

Hustle will be back in 2019.


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Thanks to Deloitte Digital for sponsorship as ever.

Thanks to Belfast Design Week for support.