Hustle 2: Double Aces

Dev Morgan, nice guy. @devmoran

Dev Morgan, nice guy. @devmoran

This month we had 2 awesome talks that perfectly hit the mark as far as doing what we set out to do with Hustle. Challenging what we thought we knew about digital design, and sharing the things others have learned along the way.

Richard Weston - Tandem Design - Interpretative design

Richard began his talk by telling us about his design journey from brand designer, through advertising and finally becoming an interpretative designer the last couple of years working with Tandem Design to work on such installations as the Titanic building and Derry Maritime Museum . Expanding upon what ID is, we learnt about the origins of Interpretative design, a discipline identified in the 1950's by Freeman Tilden. But Richard didn't spend much time looking back, he was keen to look forward to how Digital Design could make storytelling more engaging. Whether it was using haptics to let you feel ancient engravings, wooden cubes to interact with vast touch screens, or 3D printing techniques to make paintings such as the Mona Lisa accessible to the blind. It captured the infinite potential that digital is presenting for the medium, and how art and heritage storytelling will become exponentially engaging as these technologies become more affordable.

Dev Morgan - Ustwo London - UI designer to hollistic product designer

It was our honour to welcome Dev to Belfast and hear this inside view on the happenings at hot company: Ustwo. The makers of AppStore's Game of the Year 2014, Monument Valley. Dev himself was the sound designer in the game, but that's not what he or Ustwo is only about.

Dev shared with us the gems of wisdom he has read, learnt, experienced and realised throughout his time as a digital designer. Such as being a good designer isn't that different to be a good person, and why he thinks side projects are important. We got a premiere of his video for a new healthcare services app, and heard the full story behind the product, its design and challenges.

We also learnt about how Ustwo London are embracing a flatter organisational structure, having no creative director and empowering their designers to trust themselves and collaborate together, rather than always looking up the chain to one person's view. It's very Skandanavian we're told.


All in all, it was a feast for the brain, both inspiring and educational. And to those designers who braved the damp December rain, we salute you.

Thank you's

To Richard and Dev for travelling to Belfast and being top blokes

Chris Armstrong for encouraging Dev to come over

Jason Karayiannus for suggesting Hustle to Richard Weston

Forest Feast for all the free Street Food

Deloitte Digital for the free drinks