Hustle 1: Up and running

Thank you so much to all who made it to Hustle 1 on Monday night. It was so incredible that so many people came along, and it just prove that there is a desire for something like Hustle in Northern Ireland, so thank you! If you didn't make it along, here's what went down...


So Monday night kicked off with a welcome from yours truly. I hope I was able to make the point clear that Hustle is about all of us, and I need your help in making it better, bigger, more relevant and valuable. So once again if you do have anything you want to share, whether its a new idea, an invaluable learning experience or a whole thought piece, I'd love to hear from you. And that goes for anyone who wasn't there, please get in touch.


We then had Chris Armstrong from Niice give our keynote talk about his experience of following that dream to build an app and make it your business. Chris's honest talk didn't sugar coat the world of building a business out of an app and talked about the challenges he has had to overcome to make it into a viable one. But it was hugely insightful, learning about fighting churn (losing users basically) and having to be pragmatic in how you choose which feature to build next. Chris also give an interesting commentary on the real experience of being featured on the likes of The Next Web, Tech Crunch, and hitting the front page of the App Store and Product Hunt. In summary it helps, but it's not a sure thing.

Learn & Share

In our Learn & Share segment, Lee Reilly, a UX designer at Deloitte Digital give us his review of the newest prototyping tool on the block, Principle.

Lee gave us an overview of the marketplace by comparing pro's and con's of the tool against the likes of Adobe Edge Animate, Flinto and Pixate, and even touching on Adobe's Project Comet which has just been announced at their MAX conference.

Lee went on to give us both a basic and intermediate tutorial of some features in Principle, demonstrating the speed and ease of use, as well as the familiar interface for any Sketch users.

Lee concluded that for any iOS prototyping, Principle is coming out on top, but lacks the Android offering of Pixate. 


We wrapped up the evening with a News segment that covered 4 notable features...

HBR Design Thinking comes of age
• If you find yourself having to convince somebody that design is important this arms you with the right information
• It’s written for CEO’s to get them thinking about placing design at the centre of your business
• Not just a prediction of the future but a commentary on what large organisations are doing right now

Design Disrupters
• Same topic, but focussing on Tech companies
• How design is the competitive advantage
• AirBnb
• Google
• Pinterest
• Invision…

A year using Sketch - An Honest review
• Sagi Shrieber
• Isreali at Similarweb/Pixel Perfect magazine
• Spoiler alert - No turning back
• Sketch simply the better tool for UI design
• Excited by the plug-in potential

Adobe Project Comet
• The new 'light-weight' prototyping tool announced at Adobe MAX this week.

Special thanks to Jason Karayiannis for taking our awesome photographs.

Hustle 2

If you didn't make it to Hustle this time, the next event will be on December 14th in the main Black Box hall. Tickets will be available soon.