Hustle 9: Speaker Announcement

Hey everyone, I’m very excited to announce the first speaker for Hustle this November. Many of you will know him well as a real voice and ambassador for the NI digital creative community. Many of you will know him having graduated from his course at Ulster University. But I know Chris through meeting him at conferences like DiBi and spitballing the idea of doing something together - and here it is - Christopher Murphy is our first speaker at Hustle 9.

Here is his official Bio…

A designer, writer and speaker based in Belfast, Christopher mentors purpose-driven businesses, helping them to launch and thrive. He encourages small businesses to think big and he enables big businesses to think small.

As a design strategist he has worked with companies, large and small, to help drive innovation, drawing on his 25+ years of experience working with clients including: Adobe, Electronic Arts and the BBC.

The author of numerous books, he is currently hard at work on his eighth, ‘Designing Delightful Experiences’, for Smashing Magazine and ninth, ‘Building Beautiful UIs’, for Adobe. Both are accompanied by a wealth of digital resources, and are drawn from Christopher’s 15+ years of experience as a design educator.

A passionate speaker he has spoken at events, large and small, all over the world, including Smashing Conference, beyond tellerrand and DIBI. He’s delivered keynotes, opened and closed conferences, and run workshops on a wide variety of topics. He’s known for his entertaining style, which is educational, but – equally importantly – enjoyable.

Follow Chris on Twitter  @fehler

Follow Chris on Twitter @fehler

Hustle 8: Challenge accepted.

To say it was wet outside on Friday 9th November in Belfast is probably an understatement. I’m pretty sure a fish hit me in the face at one point walking to what is becoming our new home in Ormeau baths. With a wee bit of fancy lighting we really got the place looking on point for our 8th outing of Hustle. And it was a stormer of a night.

Hustle 2.png

We were honoured to have two incredible speakers throw down two very different challenges.

Marie Lu Vinh, a designer at Idean in London gave us a thought provoking talk on 5 things designers could learn from developers’ ways of working. Should we be supporting our design files with Readme’s and working with Git repo’s to version manage our design files? The challenge was thrown down and many gladly accepted. Marie rightly made us realise that we as designers are lagging behind our developer colleagues in the rigor of our processes, but introduced us to some new tools to start playing catch up. It was a deeply insightful talk with a lot of takeaways.

Next came Hugo, a Brazilian designers currently working at Hubspot in Berlin. Hugo had just one question; Are you happy? Hugo wanted to know are you designing happiness into your work? Is it making you happy? Hugo walks us through some examples of organisations and apps that are delivering happiness, with a deep dive into the psychology of happiness. On a night like that, we all needed to feel the hope of happiness, and know it was within us all to make what we do a source of joy.

Thank you to all who joined us on the night, through the wind and rain (and flying fish). Be sure to shout out your experience and tag us on twitter @hustle_conf.

Hustle will be back in 2019.


Follow Hugo and Marie on Twitter

Thanks to Deloitte Digital for sponsorship as ever.

Thanks to Belfast Design Week for support.

Hustle 8: Speakers


Marie LuVinh

Idean, London | @Marieluvinh

Marie is a designer interested in the implication of design and technology on life, and how they meet to create the future. She creates human experiences, and helps businesses solve complex problems through trans-disciplinary practices. In particular she is passionate about what design practices can learn from their technical counterparts, and how both sides can work better together day-to-day.

Hugo Welke

Hubspot, Berlin | @hugowelke

Hugo is a Product Designer working for HubSpot - a marketing, sales and services platform. He has been working in the web and design industry for the past 15 years. After studying Web Design Communication in Brazil, Hugo moved to Ireland where he worked with different agencies, airlines and software companies. From email marketing to website and product design - Hugo, has helped companies to build and foster a design culture within the organization. Currently living in Berlin, Hugo is focused on building and growing HubSpot's product and sharing his knowledge through talks and discussions with other Designers and Makers.

Hustle 6: Speaker announcement

Hustle 6: August 2017




Firmly believing that ideas really can change the world, Lisa helps organisations consider the bigger picture by using human-centred design to focus on creating experiences that try to make the world a better place. Lisa’s on a mission to make design accessible and practical, pulling back the curtains to demystify the process without losing that special bit of magic that comes from a truly well-designed interaction.




Brendan’s career in design spans government, fashion, education, finance, and technology as well as Australia, Europe, and North America. For almost a decade he has led projects inside companies such as InVision, Twitter, GE, Isobar, and many more.

As a designer at InVision he looks for new ways for people work inside product organisations and how new tools and methods can create a more impactful design process.

Hustle 7: Speaker announcement

Speaker announcement: Rachel Hood, Zoo Digital

Rachel Hood is User Experience Designer at ZOO Digital. Rachel will be sharing her experiences helping organisations consider how important UX is and how it really can make a positive difference.

"UX is not a nice-to-have, it's a necessity" 

She will be giving us an insight into her design process working with KBC and collaborating with Fintech partners to make sure user experience is always at the forefront and how critical it is to product success.


Speaker announcement: Jamie Neely, Monotype.

We're excited to announce our first speaker for Hustle 7. Jamie Neely is Director of Product Design at Monotype. Jamie will be sharing his vast industry knowledge, giving us an insight into using type in our designs. Or, in his own words...

"Type can often make or break a brand, product or service. Join Jamie Neely to learn ways of spotting good type for many different situations. See examples of good type in the wild and learn more about how font discovery and licensing are shifting with the designer in mind."

Super excited to have Jamie join us at Hustle so make sure you secure your spot via our Meetup page.


Hustle 4: What's happening...

Hustle is back in June to the backdrop of an incredible week of inspiration and learning. We have managed to grab the head of Deloitte Digital in Toronto, Peter Hughes before he speaks at Digital DNA, to come speak to us at Hustle. Get a read of his profile below, he knows his stuff when it comes to bringing truly great experience to real-world digital products. Grab your ticket now!

About Peter...

Peter leads the Deloitte Digital Studio in Canada. Based in Toronto, Peter has worked and lived in Australia, New Zealand, Chile and the United States. Peter specializes user experience design, responsive web and native mobile app development. Peter has a portfolio of well over 30 websites and mobile apps for some of the biggest brands in grocery, retail banking, insurance and telecom including: Loblaws (Canada, grocery), Cencosud Paris (Chile, Retail), EQ Bank (Canada, Banking), Sonnet (Canada, Online Insurance), Telstra (Australia, Telecom) and TD Bank (Canada, Banking).

In addition to building beautiful digital, Peter spends a lot of time advising executives on how to make their organization a ‘digital first’ culture. His perspectives were recently published in a widely read an acclaimed paper entitled: The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer. In the paper, Peter explores how rapidly evolving digital technologies continue to alter the business landscape with explicit guidance on how to shape a role that stewards digital channels and how that role can complement existing executives, particularly the CIO and CMO.